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Word: Searching; Living; Teaching (Vol. 1)


“The International Bible and Mission Conferences (IBMC) held around the world are a testimony to the beauty of the Advent movement’s heaven-entrusted mission to prepare people for Christ’s soon coming. These biblical presentations have inspired pastors; teachers; administrators; and members to more fully understand our precious Bible-based message and learn to proclaim it in the twenty-first century as we approach Christ’s soon return. The distinctive Bible truths that these conferences urge us to proclaim and share find their foundation in Christ; His Word; His righteousness; His love; His sanctuary message; His saving power in the great controversy; His three angel’s messages; His Spirit of Prophecy; His health message; His last-day mission to the world; and His soon second coming. These themes are to be embedded in the minds; the preaching; the teaching; and the proclamation of pastors and members alike. Through the Holy Spirit’s power; the IBMC has provided these Seventh-day Adventist themes to thousands of leaders in every division around the globe so our work will be focused on heaven’s goals for the Advent movement in anticipation of the Lord’s return.” --Ted N. C. Wilson ; President; General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists