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Why Pray?


By: Mike Tucker

Does prayer seem like an enigma—a great unknown, unfathomable, and at times, unattainable mystical experience often held up as the key that unlocks spiritual success?

That’s how it felt to author Mike Tucker, and he wanted answers. “What am I to do with prayer? Why do I pray? Why should I pray?”

In Why Pray? Tucker studies some of the prayers that appear in Scripture and explores what they teach us about prayer and worship—and the character of God. He examines biblical accounts of worship services, since prayer and worship are inextricably linked. And he highlights miraculous answers, great disappointments, and unexpected benefits of prayer.

Discover prayer as a lens that brings the heart of the Father into focus. And as we begin to understand God’s great heart, something miraculous begins to happen. Slowly, often almost imperceptibly, our hearts begin to resemble God’s own great heart.