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Who are the Angels? (100/pack) (Spanish)


Mini El Centinela: ¿Quiénes son los Ángeles? – Paquetes de 100 solamente (Español) Una presentación bíblica acerca de este tema el cuál trata de contrarrestar las nuevas definiciones seculares acerca del ministerio angelical. Ideal para compartir. Mini El Centinela - Angels - In Packages of 100 A biblical presentation about this subject which tries to counteract the new secular definitions about the angelical ministry. Mini El Centinela delievers one truth-filled article from the full-sized; 32-page monthly El Centinela; in a convenient 8-page "zine-ette" that can be slipped in a book; purse; or pocket. Topics covered are: the Ten Commandments; secret rapture; salvation; and prophecy. Include one with your bill payments; leave in public phone booths; on buses or trains; in airports—it’s so easy to share! Order Mini El Centinela today!