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Where is God When I'm Hurting [GT] (100/pack)


The day begins. Any given day. A family of five starts out on a drive across town. The crash is sudden. Metal; plastic and flesh are torn apart. Three are dead and two are severely injured. But the drunk driver in the speeding truck that hit them is merely bruised. Why? A terrible dictator gets control of an entire nation; and millions suffer his abuses. Why? The doctor says; “I have some bad news;” and then he sadly explains that you have cancer. Why? Every day stories like these unfold. Sometimes we merely hear about them secondhand or on the nightly news; and other times the story is our own. Once we steady ourselves from the shock; we can’t help but ask the most natural question in the world: If God is all-powerful and all-good; why do we suffer at all? It’s hard to imagine a bigger or more important question. And the fact is; we all ask it sooner or later. So many people are hurting. This tracts provides hope in the middle of suffering. Package of 100 tracts.
Glow Tracts