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Where is God When I’m Hurting - Native Glow [GT] (100/pack)*


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The day begins. Any day. A family of five starts out on a trip. There is a terrible accident. Metal; plastic and flesh are torn apart. Three people are dead and two are seriously injured. But the drunk driver that hit them with the speeding pickup is barely bruised. Why? Innocent Native children suffer at the hands of those who were purposed to protect them at residential school. Why? The doctor says; “I have some bad news; You have cancer.” Why? Every day events like these happen. Sometimes we only hear about them second hand or on the nightly news; but other times the story is our own. Once we start to recover from the shock; we can’t help but ask the most natural question in the world: If God is all-powerful and so good; why do we suffer at all? It’s hard to imagine a bigger or more important question. And the fact is; we all ask it sooner or later.
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