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What Happens When We Die? Bible Truth for Teens


Young people are heavily influenced by the media. Many of them are very confused about the state of the dead; yet they are fascinated by the subject. What Happens When We Die will ground your students in the distinct teachings of Scripture help your students wrestle with confusing Bible texts give your students the answers they need for the questions they or their friends may ask The book is for 10-15 year olds; has 12 lessons; 12 activity sheets; questions and many Bible verses. It is written in a simple; clear style and the illustrations are attractive to young people. Although it is a book about death; it has a positive message and appearance. There are two things that young people love: hanging out with each other and eating. For a fantastic youth group idea; combine What Happens When We Die with pizza and you have Pizza and Bible Nite©. The recipe is simple: Invite the young people from your church/ youth group to your home on Friday night Serve pizza Have a group sing (optional) Study a lesson from What Happens When We Die? Bible Truth for Teens Finish the study on time so the kids can socialize with each other Repeat next week! Sometimes we have to set the table with fun food to give them spiritual food!