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True North: A Prophetic Call to Faithfulness


True North is a clarion call to return to biblical values. It unapologetically presents eternal truths in the light of Christ’s glorious return. The thirteen scholars; pastors; and evangelists who have poured out their minds and hearts to share their convictions in these pages believe it’s time for a deeper commitment to Christ and the truths of Scripture. Each chapter is a powerful; prophetic call to faithfulness. Faithfulness to Scripture. Faithfulness to Christ. Faithfulness to His Church—and faithfulness to His end-time mission. As you read these pages; your confidence in God’s Word will increase; and your commitment to Christ and His mission will grow stronger. You will sense Heaven’s urgent; impassioned; and personal appeal to you to prepare—in the short time remaining—for events that will soon break upon our world as an overwhelming surprise. Read on; listen to Christ’s love-driven appeal to your heart in each chapter; and make; for you; the determined choices that will make an eternal difference.