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Treasure on Spyglass Hill


Gary didn’t move. He didn’t even try. He was staring straight up at the great house. For there on the second-floor balcony; near one of the big windows glowed a light that seemed to float on nothing as it passed pillar after pillar. And that was not all he saw. Next to that bright circle of light; glowed something yellow; and it was moving too. As the boys continued to watch; a huge black shape flapped around the mysterious light; sometimes hiding it. It floated like a large sheet of cloth blowing in the wind. Moving wildly; it snapped and fought; trying to fly away. Scott felt sweat running down his back. But never did he or Gary take their eyes off that thing in black or that glowing; yellow light. The light stopped moving when it reached a corner of the building. Then it vanished completely. And all that remained was the faraway sound of laughter floating down to where they crouched in the dark. Join best friends Gary and Scott as they try to solve the mystery of the floating lights and learn that treasures don’t always look exactly the way they’d imagined.