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Transform Your Health... Transform Your Life


We not only have a physical makeup; but we have the mental; emotional; spiritual; financial; and social aspects as well. True optimal and vibrant health is only achieved when we consider all these areas. Dr. Sloan expounds on these various aspects of health through the acronym TRANSFORM. This acronym opens up the full spectrum of health that can be life-enhancing and life-changing when adopted into our lives! The Lord placed it upon the author to share a message about what optimal health looks like when viewed through the various factors that make up our being. His hope and prayer are that readers find inspiration through his experience and are empowered to take back control of their health. God has gifted us with sovereignty over our health; giving us many health guidelines through His Word and blessing us with countless ways to restore and regain our health through lifestyle changes and simple; natural remedies. This is why the author has chosen the title; “Transform Your Health…Transform Your Life.”