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Togo; the Sled Dog


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In this; the seventh book of The Good Lord made Them All series; Joe L. Wheeler has collected stories from the Far North: Norway; Alaska; British Columbia; and the Arctic Circle to name a few places. The animals featured include sled dogs; wolves; weasels; and eagles in a veritable Who’s Who of the North. “The story of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race is as improbable as the story of the Great Serum Run to Nome that inspired it. For the incredible yearly thousand-mile Iditarod is neither more nor less than the lengthened shadow of one man and one dog: Leonhard Seppala and Togo; quite possible the greatest dog who ever lived.” – Joe L. Wheeler “We are prisoners in a jail of ice and snow. The last boat … is gone and this little community is left to its own resources… alone with the darkness and the chill of the North.” – Nome Chronicle; 1925. This is unquestionably the greatest sled dog story ever told – and it has been told many times with one constant: the wrong dog gets the credit. But time has a way of sorting things out. Though Balto continues to be immortalized; where it matters most – in the great state of Alaska – Seppala and Togo gain in stature with every year that passes.