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Time of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection


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Several Christian churches in recent years have adopted as one of their fundamental beliefs; the view that Christ was entombed on a Wednesday afternoon and that He resurrected exactly seventy two hours later on a Saturday afternoon. Great importance is attached to a full three days and three nights entombment of Christ. The latter is regarded as the sign par excellence given by Christ as proof of His Messiahship. In "The Time of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection" Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi examines at great length each of three crucial texts adduced in support of the Wednesday Crucifixion dating. His aim is to help those who hold such a view; to recognize the weaknesses of their interpretations and to accept the trustworthiness of the traditional chronology of the Friday-Crucifixion and Sunday-Resurrection of Christ. This new edition includes five chapters dealing with the following related topics: the reckoning of the day in Bible times; the reckoning of the Sabbath today; the meaning of Christ death; the heavenly ministry of Christ and the sabbatical topologies of Messianic redemption in the Old Testament. Special attention is given to the heavenly phase of Christ's redemptive ministry; because of its importance for understanding how Christ is bringing to consummation the redemption already accomplished on this earth. The book has been written in a clear; non-technical style with the earnest desire to help Christians appreciate more fully not merely the time element of Christ's death; but primarily the full scope of Christ's redemptive ministry; which includes His earthly atonement; heavenly ministry and final restoration at His second Advent.