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Thoughtful Hour 2: Living the Beatitudes


Imagine standing on the shore of the lake that morning; waiting and watching for Jesus. Following Him up the hillside; would you sit close by and watch—and listen? Would you be hoping to see someone healed? Would you be wishing that Jesus would feed everyone with fish or bread? Or hoping to be in His army when He led the battle against the Romans? “Putting ourselves on the scene that day will help us hear the words of Jesus more clearly and understand what they should mean in our lives today. But to do this; we have to take time each day—perhaps a thoughtful hour—reading and studying His words.” The teachings in the Beatitudes are a pathway to heaven; and we can learn to follow each step. That’s why this book exists. It is designed to make that thoughtful hour easier; to give a little structure and focus to a study of the life and words of Jesus. Whether you work through the pages as part of a group study or on your own; you will find a fresh look at the Beatitudes and what it means to be a part of the kingdom of heaven.