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Theology: Biblical Foundations of Our Faith (Spanish)


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Manual de teología SDA - T1 (Espanol) Fundamentos bíblicos de nuestra fe ¿Quiénes son los adventistas del séptimo día? Revelación e inspiración Interpretación bíblica "Esta obra no se preparó teniendo en mente al erudito y al especialista (aunque se espera que la encuentren útil); sino; más bien; a los lectores en general que buscan una exposición comprensible de los hechos relacionados con los principios más importantes de la teología adventista. Suple la información que tales lectores podrían esperar; razonablemente abarcante y profunda". --Dr. Raoul Dederen;Editor General Handbook of SDA Theology V1 (Spanish) "This work; Theology: Biblical Foundations of Our Faith; tries to maintain the Adventist interest in Scriptures like norm of faith and vibrant practice. To each one that contributed in the preparation of this work it was requested that he examine and develop the subject that was assigned to the penetrating light of the Bible. For that reason each chapter contains an elevated number of Biblical references used to embody the used arguments and arrived at the conclusions. This work establishes; beyond all doubt; what the Adventist Church always has maintained: that all their doctrines are based exclusively on the Word of God. The nine volumes of this work are made available to Spanish-speaking Church; not only reaffirm the Biblical foundation of our message; but also to contribute to the theological maturity of the members ". —Dr Manuel Angel Rodriguez; Director of the Institute of Biblical Investigation of the General Association of Seventh-day Adventists.