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The Exodus Journey (2021 Women Missionary Book of the Year)


By: Elizabeth Viera Talbot
We are all on a journey; a journey of trusting God with our redemption–an Exodus journey. We are on our way to the heavenly Promised Land; yet we are still here on earth; a place of pain and suffering. Jesus’ perfect life and perfect death on our behalf is the guarantee of how this story ends: Jesus wins! His resurrection confirmed His victory over sin and death. And because we are His; we know the end of our story. All of us who accept Jesus Christ as our Savior do not need to live with anxiety; because we believe in the victorious outcome through His merits. So why do we struggle with anxiety on our way to the Promised Land? Well it is because we all like to feel in control; and yet we are not; because we all want to understand; and yet we often don’t have a clue; because we don’t know how God can possibly work all of our painful circumstances together into something good for His redemptive purposes; and because deep down we all know that we don’t qualify for salvation for our lives are not perfect. Yet God has given us His redemption as a gift; and the assurance of His presence for our journey to the Promised Land. And we face a choice: will we depend on God or on ourselves? Faith or fear. Trust or anxiety. The book of Exodus is the story about Israel’s redemption from Egyptian slavery. And even though God performed amazing miracles to liberate them; the children of Israel constantly struggled and grumbled on their way to Canaan; their promised land. In this book we will analyze some of their stories in order to learn from their experience; as they were crossing the wilderness toward that land flowing with milk and honey. In this process we will relive their journey in our own lives; asking some of the same questions they asked; and hopefully trusting God’s answers; which they didn’t always accept. Can God be trusted to be our Redeemer; Guide; Protector; and Provider? After reading this book your answer will be a resounding; yes!