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The Bedtime Family Devotional


Most Christian parents want to pass their faith on to their children. But what, exactly, do we pass on? And how, in the busy activity of life, can we do this? Having worked through these questions while raising their kids, bestselling author and podcaster Ruth Schwenk and her husband, fellow podcaster and pastor, Patrick, offer you a helpful and hopeful family resource.

Designed for families with children 6 to 12 years old, every entry in this 90-day devotional includes a key verse, key truth, action step, and prayer. Organized into three sections, this devotional helps parents answer three important questions: What do I want my child to know? What do I want my child to be? And what do I want my child to do? As you walk through these pages together at the end of each day, you will not only instill God's Word in their hearts, but you will equip them to

· understand basic theology
· develop Christlike character and virtue
· discover their unique God-given gifts
· live as confident witnesses in the world

By God's grace, you can--and will--root your children in faith, raise them in his Word, and release them to live boldly for Jesus!