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Sword Unsheathed


His head turned upward; Prince Oswald spoke. His lips shaped the words of a prayer Luthwin could not hear. The prince’s hands held the cross higher; and then he gave his command. “We will stand every man where he is.” The army within hearing stiffened. “We will not fail. Let them press in on us. Fight where you are.” The prince’s face shone with confidence that spread to his men. Luthwin sensed the sudden surge of strength and courage. “I have so small faith; God; my Maker;” Luthwin whispered. “But I do believe. Strengthen us!” He glanced at the cross in Oswald’s hands. The Saxon army had no need now for the golden banner. He stood beside Twi; ready for the enemy to close in and crush them. But he was not afraid. In long-ago Saxon England; the youth Luthwin finds himself caught up in firece conflicts between pagans and Christians; between princes seeking power and kingdoms; and between the gentle Celtic missionaries and the powerful Roman Church.