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Surviving With Grace


When Linda’s husband; Jerry; had open-heart surgery; the doctor told them he would be home in a week and back to work in six months. However; the doctor’s prediction proved dreadfully inaccurate. From that point forward; Jerry was in and out of the hospital with multiple complications. Surviving With Grace is the inspiring story of Linda’s journey through the trials of life. From dealing with depression to caring for a terminally ill spouse to coping with the death of her husband; Linda met each challenge with the help of her Best Friend. It wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t always what she wanted. But through it all she saw the hand of God and His love shining through the darkness. The first half of the book features Linda’s personal story; and the second half offers advice as to how to cope with life’s crises. She shares her thoughts through the analogy of making a comforter. The various pieces each represent something; and the end result is a warm blanket that helps shelter us from the cold realities of the world.