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Surprised by Love: The Unexpected Rescue of God's Children


By: Elizabeth Viera Talbot
When was the last time it happened to you? Perhaps your husband sent you flowers for no reason at all; your child turned around and blew you a kiss from the steps of the school bus; or your parents sent you on a cruise; just because. This is the story of our Creator-Redeemer and the greatest “love surprise” of all time. It surprised Adam and Eve. It surprised the deceitful serpent. It surprised the adulterous woman of John 8. It surprised the Pharisees. It surprised the disciples. It even surprised the heavenly angels. And it continues to surprise us today. “The deceiver thought that he had outsmarted God! He never expected that love would win. Perhaps; humans themselves thought that they were beyond redemption! But; ‘where sin increased; grace abounded all the more’ (Romans 5:20) Maybe you’ve heard the story before. Maybe this is your first time. Either way; when you behold the unexpected rescue of God’s children; you will be amazed at His love – at His passion for His children; and you will be surprised by love.