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Studying with a Purpose


A new Bible study series by Rudy Hall. People study the Bible for all kinds of reasons ... to learn about history; to “prove” their own point of views; or even to find “evidence” to doubt God. But this book will show you—from the Bible itself—what your purpose should be—and how to start exploring your Bible the right way today. Studying with a Purpose gives you all the tools you need to make your journey through the Word possible; right from the start. Using the Bible; you’ll learn where to begin; how to discern Bible truth from mere religious traditions; and how to know the difference between living for God’s will rather than trying to fit Him into your will. If you’ve ever wanted the Bible to come truly alive in your life; this is the resource you need. You’ll experience the Word Incarnate; Jesus Christ; all over again and discover what it means to really follow. Best of all; you’ll get on the narrow path of true Christian faith and begin experiencing God’s promise of profound blessings for all who sincerely study His Word. Message from the author: "This book of seven Bible lessons is for everyone because it is not about joining a particular movement or church. This book isn’t about convincing anyone to think like me or anyone else. It isn’t about who’s right or wrong in his or her personal viewpoint on Scripture. This book is about Bible-based principles on how to study to get the most out of your time spent." -Rudy Hall