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Story of Daniel the Prophet


This book is the result of much prayerful study. It is sent forth with an earnest prayer; that in the hands of the parents it may be the means of making the study of the Bible in the family a blessing to young and old; and that the teacher in the schoolroom may see precious rays of light flashing from its pages; pointing both teacher and pupil to the Great Divine Teacher. This facsimile; originally printed in 1904; makes an excellent study book for young and old. About the Author When twenty-two year old Stephen N Haskell first talked with a Sabbathkeeping Adventist; he declared; "If you want to keep that old Jewish Sabbath; you can do so; but I never shall." But later that day in 1853 the Sabbathkeeper; William Saxby; invited Haskell to his home; and explained the heavenly sanctuary and the three messages of Revelation 14. Haskell left Saxby's home deeply troubled; but after further study and prayer decided to follow the plain teachings of the Bible. During the next sixty-seven years Haskell served as an Adventist evangelist; church administrator; missionary; writer; and Bible teacher. In 1914 he published his most famous book; The Cross and Its Shadow; to help others understand the meaning of the sanctuary and its role of pointing to Christ.