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Stormy Seas


Trouble can come from any direction and at any moment. When it hits; it hurts. It can leave us shocked and surprised. When we cry out to God and He doesn’t respond when and how we hope; we may demand; “Why?” and insist on a full report to justify our pain. Yet God rarely gives a complete answer. When the storms of life rage around you and you wonder who and where God is; you can trust the Good Shepherd. Through the experiences of Moses; Joseph; Daniel; Jesus; and others; you will learn God’s promises about your future; find peace even without answers; overcome bitterness; anger; and hurt; understand that God is in the boat with you; and find blessings in life’s detours. If you want to understand who God is and where He is in tragedy and affliction; Stormy Seas can help. Grab the Savior’s outstretched hand and keep your eyes on Him.