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Singing Tree and Laughing Water


When two little Native American girls are dropped off at the home of their adoptive family, many tears are shed. But it doesn’t take long for the irrepressibly curious Singing Tree and the slow-but-sure to trust Laughing Water to begin feeling part of their new family. With so much to see and do, Signing Tree finds adventure around every corner, keeping her new mama on her toes.

One morning Singing Tree was very busy doing something with the rosebushes.

“Oh, no!” Mrs. Grant cried when she saw that Singing Tree had in her hand a white plastic glue container. “Oh, no! You couldn’t!”

But Singing Tree could! Apparently, there wasn’t very much that Signing Tree wouldn’t do!

“Why did you do it?” asked Mrs. Grant, in a trembling voice.

“I was painting the rose bushes,” said Singing Tree. “Didn’t you listen to the man at church? He said God paints the lovely roses and pansies. While we are waiting for the roses to come out of the bushes, I am painting the leaves. I am helping God. The lady at church said we must be God’s helpers.”

Mrs. Grant made a soft, groaning sound. “Oh, no!” she said “Help God, yes, but not with Elmer’s Glue!”

Singing Tree and Laughing Water is filled with delightful stories that your little ones will love listening to you read.