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Shades of Grace


Surprised by grace . . . again. It has been said; "The genius of a good book is that it explains a familiar subject with unfamiliar newness." Such is the case with this book. The incredibly vital topic of divine grace is opened here; layer after layer; until one feels as though a whole new dimension of thought and feeling has flooded into the soul. Like the multi-hued richness of the color spectrum; there are various Shades of Grace which compose the beautiful character of God. To say; "Grace is unmerited favor;" and then move on as if understanding had been achieved; would be like merely saying of space; "It's big." True; but so very lacking in real meaning. Grace is unmerited favor; and so much more; as you are about to discover. Find a quiet place and join the author; Ty Gibson; for an empowering series of intimate penetrations into the mind and emotions of God. And be prepared to be surprised by grace . . . again.