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Seventh-day Ox and Other Miracle Stories from Russia


There was no one he knew. No one to care what happened to him. As he tossed and turned trying to fall asleep; his mind would suddenly begin to panic and scream out in protest; How did I get myself into this? A pastor living in Communist Russia; Nickolai Panchuk struggled as a prisoner of the KGB to find his purpose. Persecuted for his Christian faith; Nickolai remained in a Siberian camp for eight years; refusing to sacrifice his faith and suffering the consequences. Harassed; beaten; and dejected; Nickolai found hope in the unlikeliest source: an old ox named Maksim. With the help and strength of God; Nickolai and Maksim worked together to perform a weekly miracle—witnessing for Christ in the most disparaging of circumstances and winning souls along the way. The Seventh-day Ox and Other Miracle Stories From Russia describes the faithfulness of Christians during times of persecution and the animals who were used by God to help them. Against all odds; each of these witnesses placed their trust in God and demonstrated unbroken commitment to their faith—no matter what the cost.