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If the boys thought they were only digging a rock from the ground; they were in for a surprise. As the large stone came free; it uncovered a pit that looked like a small cistern lined with stones. The pit was nearly filled with dirt; and in the middle of it was a mysterious clay jar. “Whoa! What on earth is this?” Micah jumped down in the hole to get a closer look; and Koz jumped in after him. “A clay jar.” Koz knelt beside the faded piece of pottery. “I wonder what’s in it;” he said as he took a stick and scraped some of the dirt off. The jar looked like it had once been orange-brown in color; and had a stone cover on top. Micah shrugged. “I don’t know. Whatever’s in it must be important; or someone wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to bury it here.” The jar was half submerged in dirt; so the boys dug around it until it was loose. They tried to lift it out; but it would hardly budge. “It’s stuck!” Koz grunted; as he pushed and pulled at the jar. Micah shook his head. “We’ve dug around it enough. Whatever’s in that jar is really heavy; that’s all.” Koz stared at the jar. “You think so?” “I’d bet on it.” “What do you think’s in it? Dirt or maybe rocks?” “Maybe; but like I said; no one who would go to all the trouble to bury a jar with only rocks in it.” Micah’s heart was beginning to beat faster. Ever since they heard the story of the Widow of Shunem; Micah and Koz had been obsessed with treasure. Now they had found a mysterious jar that looked old—and important. What was in it? Was it treasure? Would they be rich? Would Naam and his buddies finally stop making fun of them because they had to work? Long ago Jesus told the parable of the hidden treasure. Jesus’ simple story shared the powerful truth about the value of heaven. Seekers brings that story to life. Follow the story of Koz; Micah; and their parents. What had started as a simple job to help them earn some family money began an adventure that changed their lives—and the lives of everyone around them.