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Secrets Uncovered: Stories From a Christian Fossil Hunter


“When a vertebrate paleontologist says ‘a fossil site has fossil skulls all over the place;’ that usually means he searched all day and found three.” – Leonard Brand The life of a paleontologist is filled with stories. Whether it’s transporting whale fossils in the middle of the night to avoid black–market fossil bandits in Peru or having rattlesnakes crawl between your feet while eating breakfast in a wilderness camp; life is never boring. Every fossil has a story behind it—a story of how it came to be formed and preserved. The search for these stories keeps these scientists going back year after year. “The Bible gives us basic principles and leaves many details for us to figure out.” – Leonard Brand From the Coconino Sandstone of the Southwest and the Bridger Formation in Wyoming to the deserts of Peru; Leonard Brand shares stories of God’s faithfulness in his daily life as a paleontologist. Join him as he uncovers the evidence left for us and shares with us his findings.