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Search for Identity


How did we come to believe what we believe? How have those beliefs changed over the years? With compelling candor George Knight captures the ebb and flow of the doctrinal currents within Adventism; including controversies over the shut door; the law in Galatians at the 1888 General Conference; the Trinity; pantheism; Fundamentalism; the nature of Christ; and inspiration. The Adventist Church was founded by independent thinkers who would have disagreed with several of the church's current 27 fundamental beliefs. But over the years strength arose out of contention; and consensus out of debate. From William Miller to Desmond Ford; Knight catalogues the colorful personalities who shaped the discussion; and shows how God has led His church into broader and deeper understanding of His eternal truth. "This book has the potential of being one of the most influential books written within Adventism in the past 75 years."--Willmore Eva; Editor; Ministry Magazine