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SDA International Bible Commentary #6 Psa/Prov/Eccl/Songs


About the Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary Written by leading Adventist scholars from around the world; the Seventh-day Adventist International Bible Commentary (SDAIBC) provides lay members; pastors; and scholars with unique biblical commentaries featuring the following qualities: the foundational authority of Scripture that assumes the divine inspiration of Scripture and its unity the latest grammatical; historical-cultural; literary; theological; and archaeological information solid and fresh exegetical and theological material supporting specific truths that are accepted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church serious consideration of Ellen G. White's interpretation of the biblical text practical lessons for life that are suitable for personal growth; witnessing; and evangelism About Volume 6 As the following authors promise; SDAIBC Volume 6 will cause you to praise God with the Psalms; survive life with the Proverbs; wonder with Ecclesiastes; and love with the Song of Songs. Endorsements Psalms "The psalmists wrote their poems to be heard; either by song or recitation. By sharing in their rich spiritual experience; our modern voices join with the ancient ones in one eternal choir; whose universal praise to God will be heard throughout eternity (Ps 150:6)." —Martin G. Klingbeil "The psalms are uttered in praise; joy; sorrow; and despair. They are spoken or sung in privacy and in public; by lay people; kings; poets; and priests. They have been a source of light and inspiration to people in all ages. This commentary plunges into the depths of these prayers and hymns par excellence." —Dragoslava Santrac Proverbs "The book of Proverbs highlights the skills and ideals that are needed to survive the perverse complexities of life. A careful analysis of the original Hebrew text will reveal the timeless beauty of divine wisdom." —David R. Tasker Ecclesiastes "The message of the book; 'all is vanity; will purge us of our false ideas; banalities; and clichés; and down the road will take us to a sense of marvel and wonder: 'all is vanity' leads to 'all is grace." —Jacques B. Doukhan Song of Songs "The Song of Songs is an inspired commentary on Genesis 1-2; celebrating the dignity and beauty of married sexual love. The Song reveals how such love; expressed by Solomon and the Shulamite; is a precious gift; a 'Flame' from Yahweh Himself; and serves as a sublime type of the intimate love relationship between God and His people." —Richard M. Davidson