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Schoolhouse Burned Twice


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As the men put the last touches on the roof; one scrambled down with a cry; “They are coming!” A group of horsemen could be seen coming up the road. In a matter of minutes; the caballeros descended on the villagers like a whirlwind. Mamani recognized Señor Gonzalez. He saw Gonzalez say something to one of his overseers. The man jumped from his horse and went to one of the small fireplaces where he caught up a burning piece of wood. Mamani’s heart hammered in his chest. “No; no!” he cried in desperation; and ran toward him. But the man pushed Mamani away and threw the firey wood onto the newly thatched roof. Then he turned and aimed a terrible blow at Mamani’s face. Laughing; he mounted his horse again. Mamani stumbled back to his house; his face bleeding. The spot where the burning stick had landed smoked for a few minutes; but the lively evening wind soon fanned it to flame. The new roof was burning! Little did Mamani know that things were about to become even worse. Pacific Press® Publishing Association Where the Word is Life • Demonstrates the blessings of true hospitality. • Illustrates that even when we are faithful—when we do the right things—difficulties and trials often follow. • Shows that the influence of one can lead to the conversion of many; often for generations to come. • An Adventist Heritage Classic from Pacific Press®.