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Sanctuary for Children; Volumes 1-5


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“The subject of the sanctuary . . . should be clearly understood by the people of God. . . . Otherwise; it will be impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time; or to occupy the position which God designs them to fill. . . . Every individual has a soul to save or to lose. . . . Each must meet the great Judge face to face. How important; then; that every mind contemplate often the solemn scene when the judgment shall sit and the books shall be opened. . . . “The sanctuary in heaven is the very center of Christ’s work in behalf of men. It concerns every soul living upon the earth. . . . It is of the utmost importance that all should thoroughly investigate these subjects and be able to give an answer to everyone that asketh them a reason of the hope that is in them.” The Great Controversy; 488–489 With this in mind; the author carefully crafted this workbook so a student of any age will find Jesus Christ—His character and His work for our salvation—in every aspect of the sanctuary layout; materials; building; furnishings; services; and its ministers. Every detail in this manual points us to Christ and what He has done and is doing for us. Packed with information and activities; this series is excellent for both children and adults. Each detail of Type (earthly sanctuary) and Antitype (heavenly sanctuary) is presented side by side in an easy-to-understand format; with texts and references for verification and study. This Young People’s Sanctuary Series contains sections on the camp around the tabernacle; the courtyard; the offerings; the tent tabernacle; the holy days and the feast days. Each section includes a coloring book; 3-D cutouts; puzzles; quizzes; crossword and acrostic puzzles; and much more.