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Ruth and Boaz: Strangers in the Land


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Terri Fivash talks about Ruth and Boaz on Hope Channel's Between the Lines: "If you were the last man in Bethlehem; I would never give Naomi to you! Do you think I would stain her with your tainted blood? You are nothing but a dirty Canaanite; son of a Jericho whore. How dare you consider my daughter? Get out of this house!" And so Boaz lost Naomi; the most beautiful bride in Bethlehem; to Elimelech. Instead; Yahweh God gave him Mena–then took her back. And now their son; Yatom; joy of his heart; was dying. Why were the anchors of his life swept away? Why would God punish him so? Did Yahweh; too; like jealous Tobeh; detest the foreign blood flowing in his veins? With a cast of 89 characters and a plot that tugs at the heart; Terry Fivash; author of Joseph; breathes new life into the story of Ruth–singer of songs; faithful friend; and daughter of royalty. But with foreign blood; who would have her? This is a story of Yahweh's harvest; the harvest of life. As the sun-golden grain ripens only through the rain; so He turns tragedy into blessing; and empties only to fill full. Our times are in His hand. But back to the beginning. Young Boaz; at play in the fields of Bethlehem; little knew he was a special seedling in Yahweh’s garden. All he knew was that the raiders were coming . . .