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Run for Your Lives


Dallas; Gene; and Graham Kime were far from their U. S. homeland when the bombing of Pearl Harbor turned them from missionaries into fugitives. They that knew the Celebes; where they lived and worked; would soon be captured; and they would have to run for their lives. Within a few days; enemy planes approached; their engines droning like a million bumblebees. The aircraft circled the city; dipping low and rising again. Suddenly; the road swarmed with people. Screaming; crying people. Young men; expectant mothers; old men and women; toddlers and children. Running. Crying. For eighty-three days; the Kimes struggled to stay ahead of their pursuers. Their trail crossed many rushing rivers. As the Brahman bulls pulling their cart started on to the first bridge; Gene felt dread. The structure swayed and bounced with every step of the heavy animals. Then came a soft crunching sound as one of the animals fell through the bridge flooring to its knees. Bits of bamboo floated down into the river. The other bull followed with a second soft crunch. Through jungles; narrow mountain trails; the constant bob of ocean waves; and the indomitable Mrs. B who wouldn’t let Gene sleep at night; Run for Your Lives will keep you reading. Explosions; torpedo boats; and a very sick little boy complicate the flight. But always; Gene and Dallas find the time and opportunity to witness for the Lord they love. Read about the danger; tension; and frustration of having to Run for Your Lives!