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Right Book at the Right Time [GT] (100/pack)


When she placed the book in my hand; I reluctantly accepted it. I did not intend to read it; but to be polite; I even thanked her. I didn’t tell her; of course; that I already planned to throw it away once I got home. She smiled; encouraged me again to read the book; and that was that. I placed the book in my backpack; making sure she saw me do it; and rode away on my bike. That experience occurred 20 years ago; and I’m thankful that book never found its way into the trash can; but; somehow; ended up on my bookshelf–the bottom shelf. It sat there for more than a year; neglected and forgotten. Life has a way of springing surprises on us; doesn’t it? The status quo can be suddenly and unexpectedly overturned. A car accident. A financial crisis. A loved one’s death. A doctor’s visit. A broken heart. It can be anything. One moment; all is seemingly well and fine; and the next moment; everything changes. Read the story of David and how his life was changed by one book.
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