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Rest for the Restless (100/pack)


Do you lack rest? Do you know how to relax? Is stress ruining your health? Unfortunately; chronic stress in today’s society is of epidemic proportions. Men; women; children of all ages are afflicted by stress. What if you could have a respite from the press of the world? Slow down the pace of life? Every week? At creation; from the beginning of time; God gave us just that. Even though He cannot meet face to face with us like He did with Adam and Eve; we can still meet with Him on the day he blessed and made holy. Yes; there are those who argue that the seventh-day Sabbath was only for the Jews. Think about that. Were there any Jews at creation? Others think that the seventh day of the week is no longer holy. What a concept! In the tomb Jesus rested during the 24-hour period of the Sabbath day. Also; the Sabbath will be celebrated in heaven and for eternity. Just take a look at Isaiah 66:22–23. Knowing that we would need a reprieve from the cares of everyday life; God provided for us a day of rest that would last for the ages of eternity. So the question needs to be asked. Why would God change the day of rest for a brief amount of time in the grand scheme of universe’s history?