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Regrets on an African River: and Other Adventures


By: Jeff Scoggins

Prepare for geographical whiplash as you travel around the world with author Jeff Scoggins through his adventures as a military brat then missionary kid turned missionary family.

Hold your breath as little Jeff saws into a live bullet with a hacksaw, runs from his schoolroom to a nearby bomb shelter, takes a punch from the class bully, buys a three-hundred-dollar bunch of bananas, rows furiously down an African river to escape its crocs and hippos, and much more.

Then, experience the goodness of an angel in a red Dodge pickup, listen in as Jeff’s dad asks how he plans to dispose of the dead body in his trunk, and scramble to pull up tent stakes ahead of a storm full of tornados.

Ultimately, through the power of these short but exciting stories, you’ll discover that no earthly adventure beats the one that is living life with Jesus.