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Reformation and the Remnant


In The Reformation and the Remnant; author Nicholas Miller examines crucial issues and questions facing the Adventist Church today through the lenses provided by the thoughts and ideas of various Protestant reformers. Miller discusses such topics as biblical authority and inspiration; the great controversy theme; religious liberty and public morality; last day events and Sunday laws; and righteousness by faith and perfection; as he reveals why the ideas that shaped the Christian church still matter. “This may well be one of the most important books you’ll read at this pivotal moment in earth’s history.” —Derek Morris; editor; Ministry “This book; quite frankly; is in a class by itself. Miller covers vital subject matter with such skill and clarity that I believe The Reformation and the Remnant should be read by every Seventh-day Adventist. Our brother has given the church a gift of rational; balanced thinking on key issues that will advance our corporate maturity as a people if given the attention it deserves.” —Ty Gibson; co-director; Light Bearers and lead pastor; Storyline Adventist Church “Nick Miller brings the mind of an attorney; the spirit of an historian; and the heart of a Seventh-day Adventist to some of the most conflicted debates in our faith community today. And you will be surprised at the conclusions he draws. You may not agree with all of them—but surely we agree it is high time we find the will and the way to link arms with one another for the sake of our greater mission for Christ.” —Dwight K. Nelson