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Prodigal Daughter


“Splendid performance; Miss Austin. If you ever decide to pursue an acting career in Hollywood; give me a call.” The nineteen-year-old gasped and stared at the gold lettering on the white card in her hand. It read; “Maxwell Talent Agency—Clyde Maxwell; talent scout.” The Prodigal Daughter is based on the true story of a young and gifted woman who leaves home amid the protests and tears of her father. Headstrong and determined to become a star; Brianna soon finds herself swept into a world far different from the life of fame and riches she’d expected. As her dreams begin to crumble; little does she realize the horror into which she is about to plunge. Like Jesus’ story of another errant child; The Prodigal Daughter portrays a father’s love and reminds us of how far our heavenly Father will go in order to redeem and restore His lost children. I pray that by the time you finish reading The Prodigal Daughter; you will have a renewed appreciation for the prayers of faithful parents; the forgiveness our Savior bestows on His wayward children; and the eternal love He lavishes on each of us daily.—Kay D. Rizzo