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Preparing For Your Marriage


Holy matrimony—is it a sacred covenant until death parts you or just what comes after a fairy–tale romance with butterflies; glittering couture; and overpriced cake? Could it be; should it be; both? If marriage is on your mind because you’re dating someone special; engaged; or you’ve just watched too many cheesy romance movies on cable; Preparing for your Marriage will help ensure your future marriage will be the kind of relationship that endures the test of time and honors God. You’ll learn to choose—and be—the right partner; recognize red flags; distinguish between chemistry and caring love; communicate clearly and respectfully; manage conflict; develop a healthy financial plan; and avoid relationship pitfalls. You’ll even get some helpful advice on planning the wedding and honeymoon! What if you’re considering a second (or third) marriage? There’s a whole chapter with content just for marriage veterans. Preparing for your Marriage complements the Prepare/Enrich assessment tools your pastor or counselor may use as you work through pre-marriage counseling. Work through it with your intended and watch the ties that bind you together—and to God—grow stronger each day.