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Prayer Warriors


Prayer Warriors; says evangelist Ron Halvorsen; are God’s Special Forces—His elite front-line troops in the great war between good and evil. It is one thing to pray; as all Christians are privileged to do. It is quite another to become a specialist in prayer—to become an expert in communicating with God. Once a teen gang leader on the mean streets of New York City; Ron Halvorsen was a warrior who took orders from the commander of all evil in the universe. Then God drafted him into His own army; and the militant gang leader became a militant Prayer Warrior. In this book; you will learn how to prevail with God; to wrestle with Him in prayer; to intercede on behalf of others; to boldly storm God’s throne with your requests and press them home with a determination that will not be denied. Here you will learn the science of prayer—the laws of praying that; when followed; bring unprecedented power into your spiritual life. You will learn that your prayers alone—just yours—can make an eternal and decisive difference in your life and the lives of others. You will learn how to pray so powerfully that the awesome forces of evil tremble and fall back. Prayer Warriors are not ordinary Christians. They are extraordinary. And as the age-old battle between good and evil rages to a climax; God needs a highly trained cadre of prayer experts to take the battle straight to the enemy. Will you be one of them?