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Pray Big: God Can Do So Much More!


Let's face it—life can be tough. Questions concerning God’s plan for your life can be overwhelming. Doubt and fear often show up as unwelcome companions. Maybe you’ve even wondered if there is a miracle reserved with your name on it somewhere. Secretly; you might be wondering . . . does God even hear your prayers? Rest assured; the persevering prayer journey that unfolds in this story not only testifies that God Almighty cares about our challenging and seemingly hopeless situations; but that He longs to communicate with us and to help us discover the path to victory! When it feels like all the odds are stacked against you and there is nowhere else to go—there is hope. If you long for God’s favor and His life-changing power to take you to new heights; this book is for you. As you journey through the pages and implement the practical spiritual applications woven throughout the book; you will find peace; comfort and strength for the days ahead. Expect great things from God as you discover what praying big looks like and see His great plans for your life. He has so much more in store for you than you could ever think or imagine! Praise will flow from your heart as you watch the wellspring of life gush into your soul and transform you eternally.