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Planet in Distress


There's no denying it; our world just isn't what it used to be. Natural disasters happen more often and with greater magnitude. Our oceans have been polluted and overfished. Our lands have been deforested; saturated with potent chemicals; and abandoned to erosion when they are no longer productive. Our atmosphere is full of greenhouse gasses; and climate change is a deadly reality. Water is increasingly in short supply worldwide. Why exactly have these things happened; and so quickly? What are we; as Christians; supposed to do about them now? How does the current condition of our world fit with the events Jesus described in Matthew 24:6-8? Scott Christiansen explores scientific evidence concerning the rapid decline of global systems (climate; food production; water; energy; finance; etc.) and blends it with what the Bible and inspired writings have to say about the end of time. His findings are a wake-up call.