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Peace Like a Spider and Other Devotions for Teens (2024 Teen Devotional)


By: Karl Haffner

Success. You know shortcuts don’t cut it. So what’s it take? Does the Bible have anything relevant to say about succeeding? You bet!

Karl Haffner explores some of the Bible’s best tips for succeeding in your relationships, spiritual life, school, and on the job.

Discover the ingredients for liking yourself, how to make sense of mom or dad, and which qualities girls and guys value most in a dating partner. Check out Jesus’ cure for worrying, Joseph’s strategy for safe sex, and Solomon’s advice for coping with stress.

Learn how to dodge the traps of wishing and regretting, beat the blues and peer pressure, and have peace no matter what.

Bringing you face-to-face with God’s unconditional love, these devotions can’t help helping you succeed!