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Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls


Change is an inevitable part of life. So why are most of us parents shocked and surprised when our daughters change in unexpected; dramatic; significant ways once they hit the teen years? Girls go through their most dramatic developmental changes during adolescence. And they need parents to be there; just as present and involved as when our little girls were; well; still little girls! As you read through the pages of A Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls; veteran youth workers Brooklyn Lindsey and Mark Oestreicher will help you re-examine some assumptions and misunderstandings about this season of life. Then; from a place of trust in God; you will gain a fresh perspective on who your daughter is and who she's becoming. This book explores the major changes of adolescence; the influence of parents and friends; the onslaught of feelings and how to respond; and the significance of celebrating milestones in a girl's life. A Parent's Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls will offer wisdom; insight; and encouragement to respond well; react wisely; and engage effectively. This book is also an ideal resource to prepare you and your daughter for the impending season of change and transformation; if you aren't there quite yet.