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Overseas Plant-Based Cuisine: 100+ Vegan Simple Recipes


This ALL-COLOR book will help you cook delicious and healthy recipes that won’t take you a lot of time. They are very pleasant to make and are very flavorful which will picky eaters enjoy them. All the recipes contain nutritious ingredients to help you stay healthy or achieve a better health. This book INCLUDES: A clear summary of all the recipes classified by continent/ world region A list of alternative ingredients that can be chosen to be used in case of food sensitivity; allergy or health issues 10+ meat substitute recipes (veganized meat loaf; veganized meat balls; veganized bacon; veganized chicken nuggets; etc) 10+ dairy free and egg free recipes that normally requires such ingredients (quiche; fruit tart; mac n cheese; etc) 100+ vegan recipes inspired from overseas 15+ sweet recipes and a list of the most healthy sweeteners you can choose to make the sweet recipes 25+ DIY veganized sauce and seasoning recipes All plant-based inspired recipes from 40+ countries 80+ beautiful photos of countries in the Caribbean; Europe; Asia; North America; Africa and Middle Eeast A list of gluten free ingredients to choose alternatives to cook many recipes