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Overcoming Through Jesus


Are you struggling with temptation and sin? Are there things in your life that seems Christ has been unable to overcome? Are you wondering if victory will ever happen? Are you getting discouraged beginning to think you are a lost cause? Is your faith at a low ebb? Perhaps you've even come to the point where you've started to believe that you might as well enjoy the sin if you are going to be stuck with it! Or maybe you just don't feel that you are measuring up to the high standard of God's character. If any of this is true in your life do not despair! There is hope for you! Because every now and then someone comes along who can preach teach or write about salvation and the gospel so clearly that it's as if doors and windows suddenly fly open all around you and you see truth as you've never seen it before. One such speaker and writer is the author of this heartwarming and mind-expanding book. Pastor Liversidge is committed to making the difficult plain--the complicated easy to understand. With liberal use of real-life illustrations he shines light on the writings of Paul in the book of Romans making Paul's theology practical and real. He believes that God wants the way of salvation to be so clear that even a child can understand it. That is Pastor Bill's goal in every chapter. By the time you finish this practical guide to victory you'll no doubt conclude that he has succeeded in that effort.