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Out of the Blue


Welcome to Shadow Creek Ranch. When the engine of young pilot Nathan McMillen’s Cessna stalled; he figured he was done for. He was ten thousand feet in the air; flying a small; high-wing airplane over the rugged mountains of western Montana. Under these circumstances; a pilot doesn’t slow to a stop—a pilot potentially glides to a crash. Wendy Hanson had woken up early to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. She couldn’t help but look into the towering mountains surrounding her quiet valley. She could see an airplane in the distance; but I moved without sound; like a phantom flying in the bright summer air. It took her but a moment to realize something was wrong. The plane was headed right toward the only pasture in the area. And right in the middle of that pasture was a horse—her horse. And if she didn’t do something fast; the results wouldn’t be pretty. Shadow Creek Ranch is a special place—full of beautiful things like rivers and mountains; horses to ride; and nature to explore. But it’s also a place for troubled young people to escape from pain; the past; you name it. It’s also for them to heal. Nathan and Wendy’s introduction to each other hadn’t gone very smoothly. But when that airplane fell from the sky and crash-landed at Shadow Creek Ranch; it would start them on an adventure that would not just change their lives forever; but would be a miracle to those around them as well.