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Old-Fashioned Camp Meeting: Helen's Tent-Town Adventures


For eight-year-old Helen; it was hard to decide what she liked most about camp meeting. Was it watching the big tent going up? Helping Mom in the kitchen? Eating Eskimo Pies and grape popsicles? Or was it the music and stories from Eric B. Hare; Josephine Cunnington Edwards; and Del Delker? The visit by Elder Salau from the Solomon Islands was memorable. He stopped by the Primary tent on Wednesday morning while wearing a skirt made of palm leaves and strings of shells around his neck. He carried a huge shield and a long spear and told stories about how fierce his people had been before missionaries brought them the gospel. Now his people were known around the world for their kindness and gentleness. The boys in Primary were impressed by their visitor’s huge muscles. The girls were amazed at his hair; which was very big and very black with yellow fluff near the ends. In Old-Fashioned Camp Meeting; each day is filled with excitement; hard work; and fun as Helen; Lyle; and Ted romp through a Minnesota camp meeting long; long ago.