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Of Fleeces and Faith: Stop Doubting and Believe


Have you ever heard someone say that they “put out a fleece” to get God’s opinion on a decision they faced? Have you done it yourself? Maybe you want to know if a relationship is destined for the long haul; whether a job in a new city is the right move; or if God even loves you. Is putting out a fleece a sign of great faith in God’s willingness to communicate and His ability to work miracles; or is it an immature and desperate plea from a place of spiritual weakness? Is it better to have spiritual doubts at the foot of the cross or watch from a safe distance until our faith is rock solid? Find out In Of Fleeces and Faith if the Great I AM is really listening as author David Smith weaves the story of the Old Testament warrior and judge; Gideon; and his insecurities through the challenges of modern life.