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Octopus Encounter


Suddenly; something red hurtled right at Susan. Splat! It hit her mask and hung on. She struggled to her feet; screaming to her brother and jumping about. “Get it off! Get it off!” “It’s an octopus!” Eric screamed. Come along with Susan; Eric; Aunt Sally and Uncle Merle on another underwater adventure. This time they’re in Cayman. Susan is trying to discover her individual talents; interests; and spiritual gifts. Until recently; the twins had always done everything together. But now Eric is going in a new direction—following his passion for underwater photography. Working with Mr. Wood at the Scripps Institute; Eric has been busy sorting; identifying; and enhancing the underwater photos he took on the previous trip to Eleuthera Island. Susan wishes she had something that could make her feel as excited as Eric seems to be. She tried joining Eric at the institute; but discovered that trying to be like her brother isn’t the answer. She will have to find her own consuming passion. But what will it be?