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Nut Gourmet


Almonds; cashews; chestnuts; peanuts; pecans; pistachios; and walnuts are flavorful and satisfying additions to any meal. The Nut Gourmet cookbook demonstrates how nuts can contribute a weath of zesty flavors as the centerpiece in plant-based recipes for sauces; soups; spreads; sandwich fillings; entrees; salads; dressings; stuffing; smoothies; and desserts. The latest health studies have also revealed surprising results about the ability of nuts to reduce heart disease and actually prevent heart attacks. Nuts supply outstanding plant proteins; phytochemicals; essential fatty acids (good fats); great fiber; and energy-boosting carbohydrates. This book includes information on: How to make nutmilks; the delicious alternative for allergy diets How to open nuts in the shell The use of various nuts by different cultures throughout history Information on purchasing and storing nuts Nutritional profiles of each nut; including protein; fat; vitamins; and minerals About the Author Zel Allen teaches vegetarian cooking classes at Glendale Community College in Southern California. She is also partner with her husband; Reuben; in publishing Vegetarians in Paradise; an online vegetarian magazine.